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Our Non-Walker Styling Offers and extended front and shortened back for our littles being carried in their carseats or pushed in strollers. Not quite yet "walking". This will insure that they keep their little toes covered up.

Our 1-3 Age group is great for your little if:
-Their showing signs or starting to walk. As our Non-walker styling may hang in the way of new steps.
-Your little has been upgraded out of a removeable carseat. To which you are pulling out your little from the car and not the full carseat.

Our biggest factor for sizing is height. Included below is the wing span for each of our larger age groups for you to make the best choice. Don't hesitate to ask questions if you have them. 

1-3 Years / Wing Span - 36 Inches

3-5 Years / Wing Span - 42 Inches

5-7 Years / Wing Span - 48 Inches

Our youngest model photographed is 2 months and our oldest is 4.5

**While in the car the cover will retain heat. Please lift and uncover your littlest babes to prevent overheating in extended car rides.